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A Master Lesson in Redemption

Josh Clark, Founder, Richer Life Warriors

April 15, 2019

The dictionary defines redemption as the action of regaining possession of something in exchange for something or clearing a debt.

Yesterday, we saw redemption personified when Tiger Woods won the Masters Championship, snapping an 11-year drought.

Rewind the clock eleven years and no-one would have been surprised by today’s headlines. Back then, we all expected him to continue winning just as he always did.

But that was before the events of Thanksgiving night 2009. When Tiger’s life began to unravel. As always happens, his personal woes spilled into his professional woes and before we knew it, a decade had passed.

We’ve all had setbacks. Public and private falls from grace where we lost our momentum, our money, or worst of all, our reputation.

I’ve had my share. Some private, some not-so-private, but none so devastating as what Tiger experienced.

I love comebacks. I know you do too. Here are three keys from Tiger’s journey you can apply to create your own comeback.

Key #1: Let People Talk
(99.9% of people and what they say just don’t matter.)

Ten years ago, there were many who reveled in Tiger’s fall from grace. People like to see great men fall.

Yesterday, there were many who reveled in Tiger’s rise back to the top. People like to see great men make a comeback.

The bottom line is, people will talk. If you’re attempting something significant, people will cheer you on if your winning entertains them. And they will tear you down if your losing entertains them.

Often we let the opinions of others matter more than they should.

People look at what you do through their own lens. Honestly, most of the time, they don’t even see you. They see how you make them feel and they start talking.

Learn to tune out the masses. You’ll be better off.

Key #2: Listen to a Select Few
(Consistently hearing a few strong voices can make all the difference.)

Here is a picture of Tiger with his caddy, Joe LaCava. Joe has been Tiger’s caddy since 2011.

Joe came to Tiger on the downward half of Tiger’s bell curve. Tiger had won 14 majors before 2011. And until yesterday, he hadn’t won one since.

But Joe was committed to Tiger, not just professionally, but personally as well. So much so, that in 2017, when Tiger was sidelined with injury, Joe wouldn’t carry another golfer’s bag. Even though it greatly diminished his earning capacity with Tiger out of the game.

LaCava stuck by Tiger. And on Sunday, they experienced redemption together.

Men who win, especially men who have a comeback, do so with the help of a select few.

Surround yourself with people who make you better. Coaches, partners, loved ones who know you, stick with you and can challenge you to be better.

Listening to the right select few will take you further, faster.

Key #3: Win for Others

(Winning for others is stronger motivation than just winning for yourself.)

22 years ago, Tiger celebrated his first Masters’ win by hugging his father.

Yesterday, Tiger celebrated his fifth Masters’ win by hugging his son.

Winning is satisfying. Comebacks are invigorating. But winning for yourself and by yourself is not near as fulfilling as winning for others.

No doubt a strong motivator for Tiger was having his kids see their dad in championship form. Modeling for them the hard work, the character, and the drive that it takes to reach one’s dreams was a part of his vision he had yet to fulfill.

I got goosebumps yesterday when Tiger’s hugs came full circle. I want to get goosebumps for you too.

Make sure your vision includes winning for others. It’s stronger motivation and you’ll enjoy the win much more.


Redemption is the action of regaining possession of something in exchange for something or clearing a debt. 

Redemption is the act of winning your 5th Masters Championship after a personal and professional fall from grace unlike any other in modern times.

Redemption is something we all need and to which we can all aspire.

But redemption doesn’t just happen and it doesn’t come cheap. Tiger strove eleven years for his comeback. He paid the price with humility, authenticity, and hard work. 

Ready to write your own redemption story? Embrace these three keys for creating your comeback. 

  1. Let people talk. 
  2. Listen to a select few.
  3. Win for others. 

Thanks for reading. Keep on leading.

Founder, Richer Life Warriors

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