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Using Time to Rescue Yourself and Others

Josh Clark, CEO Richer Life
January 27, 2018

I just watched the trailer for Disney’s upcoming movie, A Wrinkle in Time. Their latest film adaptation of the Madeleine L’Engle classic science fantasy novel.

I’m not sure how I feel about the movie. SciFi movies hit and miss with me. Although, since it’s Disney and I have five children, I’m quite confident I will see it.

What I am sure about is how I feel about the premise. A Wrinkle in Time is about a little girl who receives three magical gifts that allow her to manipulate time and rescue her father. Now that’s a good premise.

When it comes to time, we all have the same problem. We all get the same amount, and it’s just never enough. So, the idea of manipulating time to rescue the ones you love is a very a good idea! If only it were possible?

But what if it were possible? What if you could manipulate your time to rescue the ones you love? Would you want that ability? I think you would.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s possible to create a wrinkle in time. And you don’t need three magical gifts.

You can create your own wrinkle in time using these three simple truths.

Truth 1: You can only take time

For most of us, time is a constant challenge.

Time never stops. We all get the same amount of time, and there just never seems to be enough. Want to feel some stress? Use a death clock to calculate how much time you have left. I know, morbid. Sorry.

So what do we do to make ourselves feel better about time? We lie.

We lie to ourselves about our time. We say things like, “I’ll make time for that tomorrow.” or, “This new technology is going to save me so much time.”

Truth is, you can’t make time. If you can, please email me. I’d like to buy some.

You can’t save it either, especially with technology. Does your cell phone really save you time? Does being in constant communication with everyone really save you time? Does seeing blog posts about time and then reading them, really save you time? No. You can’t save time. No magic device allows you to put back just a little time for later.

Time just keeps on ticking. The only thing you can do with time is take it.

You can take time for yourself. You can take time for your friends and family. You can take time for your co-workers and clients. You can take time to do just about anything. But once you take it, it’s gone, and it’s not coming back.

So what’s the first step to creating your very own wrinkle in time? Recognize that you can only take time. Once you surrender to this truth, you’re ready for truth #2.

Truth #2: You can take back your time

I want you to ask yourself, “Is busyness really getting me what I want or need?Chances are the answer is no. Here are some problems with busy.

  1. Busyness makes us feel important, but it cripples our relationships.
  2. Busyness feeds our egos but starves our souls.
  3. Busyness fills our calendars but fractures our families.
  4. Busyness props up our image but shrinks our hearts.

Busyness really isn’t that great. But we surrender to busy and then wear it like a badge.

You don’t have to be busy. Here’s a mind-blowing truth.

I warned you. Mind blowing, right? I’ll give you a moment to recover.

Are you back? Good. Now think about all the things that absorb the average person’s time. I won’t take the time (see what I did there) to review time use statistics in this post. You don’t need me to.

All of us are aware of some time sucking activities we allow to take our time. Things that keep us busy, but aren’t really that important. Can you think of one? Good.

Now, how much time will you take back from that time sucking activity? 10 minutes? 20? An Hour? Chances are, all of us can take back at least 30 poorly invested minutes each day.

Ancient scripture teaches us to “redeem our time.” Redeeming something means to recover it from the power of another, to repurchase it back for one’s self, for one’s use.

To create a wrinkle in time, you must redeem some time. Take back some time from something that is not important so that you can use it for something more valuable.

And that leads us to truth #3.

Truth #3: You can take time for what really matters

I haven’t mastered time. But I’m proud to say that time no longer masters me. In my life, I have learned that every yes I say requires me to say no to something else.

When it comes to your time, the two most important words you can learn are Yes and No. Click To Tweet

Since I can’t make or save time, the more I say yes to the screaming needs and entertaining distractions around me, the more I say no to:

  1. My journey with God
  2. My relationships with my wife and children
  3. My physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health

As busy people, we must learn that not everyone and everything is most important.

When we don’t take time for what matters most, we set ourselves (and those we love) up for hurt and regret.

But when we take time from things of little value and invest it in ourselves and others, we write a story that competes with anything Disney can imagine.

There are no magical gifts to help us manipulate time. But three simple truths can help you enjoy it to the fullest.

  1. You can only take time.
  2. You can take back your time.
  3. You can take time for what really matters.

Taking time with my fourteen-year-old daughter in Paris this year.

Several years ago, I determined that I would take time to visit a different continent with each of my children. I purposed that during their fourteenth year I would devote two weeks of time to them, in a new place, making new memories.

This last fall, when it came time for my oldest and me to take our trip. The time didn’t magically appear. But it was there. It was there because I had taken it from television. I had taken it from sports. I had taken it from fishing and hunting. I had taken it from these things so that I could take it with her.

But this is where the Wrinkle in Time analogy breaks down. You see, taking that trip taught me something. Taking time from things that matter little, so you can take it with those you love, isn’t about rescuing others – it’s about rescuing yourself.

My prayer for you is that you will enjoy life to the fullest, that you will understand who you are and reach your full potential. And that you will finish your time on this earth having taken time from the things that matter little and invested it in the things that matter most.

Thanks for reading. Keep on leading.

P.S. If you like this post, please share it with others. And leave me a comment about someone who took time to make a difference for you.

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