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Great Gifts a Dad can Give his Family

Josh Clark, Founder, Richer Life Warriors
December 24, 2019

These great gifts a dad can give his family will make all the difference for you and your family this Christmas.

As a married, father of five, I understand the pressures dad’s feel at Christmas.

The pressure to give gifts your kids want, while protecting them from gifts that will hurt their development. (Like anything offered by the anti-dads at

The pressure to communicate value to your kids by spending money on them, without turning them into hapless consumers living from one high to the next. (Insert their favorite social media influencer here).

And the pressure of knowing that while your work life and family life often feel in conflict, the real gifts your family needs from you can’t be wrapped and put under a tree.

So here are some great gift ideas you can give your family that won’t compromise your values or break your bank.

Gift #1: The Gift of Authenticity

The world is full of fake. 

Fake news. Fake boobs. And fake men.

Authenticity is hard.

That’s why fake is so popular these days.

Authenticity takes courage. Authenticity takes work.

But when a family grows up with a man in the house who is willing to be real. Everyone grows stronger.

Want to give your family something no-one can ever take away from them? Then…

Give your family a front-row-seat to your journey as a man.

Share with them your goals, your dreams, your setbacks, and your successes. 

An authentic dad builds confident and courageous kids.

Gift #2: The Gift of Tradition

Christmas Jammies, making peppernuts, a late-night movie on Christmas Eve (which dad often sleeps through), and the Christmas story on Christmas morning…

These are just a few of the holiday traditions our family enjoys.

Traditions bond your family together and will keep your influence around long after your kids leave your house. (Which if trends continue, won’t be until their forties.)

So whether you are carrying on a tradition passed down from your parents,

or starting a new one this year.

Give your kids the gift of tradition so they can connect back to you and your values for years to come.

Gift #3: The Gift of Confidence

My men’s coaching brotherhood is named Richer Life Warriors.

We call it that because manhood is a fight. 

But it’s not just men who need to fight. We all need to fight. 

E.E. Cummings said,

The fight to be who only you can be. In a world that is fighting night and day, to make you everybody else. Is to fight the greatest fight which any human can fight, and never stop fighting.

When your children learn early in life that they are capable, they will grow up to be confident and secure adults. 

If your kid doesn’t have a clear sense of self, they will struggle with identify issues later in life, especially as teenagers.

No-one is better positioned to build confidence in your kid than you.

Here’s a tip. Praise your kid’s efforts more than their results.

Yes, results build confidence.

But if your kid has confidence in his or her ability to sustain the effort in their fight…

They will consistently get results.

Gift #4: The Gift of Boundaries

Imagine your favorite sport. Now take away all the rules. 

What happens? Confusion, frustration, and no clear way to win.

That’s what happens for your kids when their are no ground-rules in place at home.

Without rules, your kids will be playing a game with no way to win. They will grow confused and frustrated.

Trust me, even though they may complain at the refs. (That’s you)

Clear boundaries give your kids the freedom to explore in the safety of a framework.

Give the gift of clear boundaries. Show your kids how far they can go. And free them up to stretch and grow.

Gift #5: The Gift of Forgiveness

I’m sorry. I was wrong. Will you forgive me?” 

These are the most powerful words a dad can ever say to his family. 

More powerful than, “I believe in you.” 

More powerful than, “I bought this for you.” 

And maybe even more powerful than, “I love you.” 


Because when a dad has the courage to admit failure and ask his kids (or his wife) for forgiveness, then he releases them from the burden of bitterness. 

Your family knows your failures. Believe me, more than anyone else. 

When we admit our failure and ask for forgiveness we teach our family that… 

Failure is a part of living and growing.

Failure is something we all must navigate.

And, that no failure is final.

Perhaps the gift your family needs most is for you to forgive yourself?

You are greater than the sum of your past mistakes. And your past doesn’t define you. 

Release yourself and your family from your own guilt and fear. 

The power of forgiveness is the most powerful gift you can give this Christmas.

Gift #6: The Gift of Time

The picture above was taken just five years ago.

It captured a great moment I had with my kids.

A moment that was here once and will never return.

The greatest trick played on dads is the promise of more time.

Time is the great equalizer of men. We all get the same amount…and there never seems to be enough. 

So don’t rob yourself and your kids of the greatest gift any of us can give. Our time.

Give your kids what only you can give them. 

Give them the gift of you.

Be present.

Get on their level.

And just spend time with them.

The world is full of “rich” men who spend all kinds of money on their kids but rob them of their time.

Don’t fall for this trap.

If your family gets time with you. They are rich. And so are you. 


What do you think of these gift ideas?

Are they truly great or are there better ones to be found at BestBuy?

Please comment and share your thoughts below.


  1. Lewis Davis

    Great!!! Really good advice definitely the most important values

  2. Fise

    Spot on mate! Cheers and a Merry Christmas to all of you Richer Life Warriors!


  3. Josh Clark

    Merry Christmas, Lewis!

  4. Josh Clark

    Spoken like a true Aussie! Can’t wait to see what adventures 2020 brings for you and yours!

  5. Devan Burris

    Outside husband greatest role I have ever been given is Dad, I love every minute even the most difficult and challenging. This is really encouraging and good to learn and remember! Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas!

  6. Josh Clark

    Well said, Devan, Merry Christmas to you too!

  7. Teddy

    Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing, worth remembering and sharing!

  8. Josh Clark

    Thanks, Teddy, I hope you have a great day investing in that daughter of yours!

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