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5 Reasons Moms are the Best!

Josh Clark, CEO Richer Life

May 10, 2015

A recent survey of over 1600 moms revealed that 94% of them struggle with mommy guilt. I get guilt; it’s a complex emotion that occurs when a person feels they’ve violated a personal moral standard. I’ve felt guilt before, quite a bit of it.

But I don’t get mommy guilt. I guess that makes sense since I’m not one. I don’t think there is such a thing as daddy guilt. I love my kids and do my best to take an active role in their lives. But as a dad I can be pretty content when my kids have the things they need, aren’t physically harming each other, and aren’t blocking my view of the game. On the other hand, moms tend to set an unrealistic standard for their parenting that often leaves them feeling like they aren’t doing enough or are doing it all wrong.

“Moms, don’t be fooled into thinking your kids came to you perfect and anything bad they do is a reflection of your mothering.”

As someone who helps others write Life Plans for their future, I know this mentality can rob moms of their joy and confidence. So, on this Mother’s Day weekend, as I sit at a dance competition surrounded by thousands of Moms who are cheering, serving, and celebrating their children. I thought I’d take a moment to give 5 Reasons Moms are Great.

Reason #1 – Moms are Present.

Mom’s have the unique ability to be present for their children. It’s fun watching kids take off on little adventures of their own. Running off to explore their surroundings, glancing back to make sure mom will be there when they return. A mom’s presence gives her child the grace to be and the space to become. Over the years, little trips around the playground become short drives around the block. Kids grow up and tackle the world, but a mom’s presence makes all the difference from 3 to 83.

Reason #2 – Moms are Proud

Maybe they’re faking it, but moms always seem to be able to muster genuine pride over their kids accomplishments. As a kid, I was on a little league championship team. That’s right, my team won the Berlin, OH, B League Coaches Pitch Championship. I still have the trophy. Notice I said I was on the team, not that I contributed. I can remember countless at bats where I just couldn’t connect. On several occasions, I was allowed to take my base without making contact. Yep, I was such a weak batter that they asked me to, please take my base. I think dad was hiding behind his snow cone, but mom was on her feet cheering. Mom’s do that – cheer for their kids. It’s one of the things that make them great!

Reason #3 – Moms are Patient

Kid: “Hey, Mom. Mom. Mom. Hey, Mom. Mom. Hey, Mom, guess what?. Mom. Mom. Hey, Mom. Hey, Mom. Mom … Hey, Mom, guess what? Mom. Mom. Hey, Mom.
Mom: “What?
Kid: “Um…I forget.
Me – Nuff Said.

Reason #4 – Moms Provide

For the first nine-months of a child’s life, a mom provides everything her child needs. Slowly, over time kids grow in their independence. But from infancy to childhood, from adolescence to early adulthood, moms are integral in providing for their child’s emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and financial support. Hey, mom, can I borrow a dollar?

Reason #5 – Moms are Persistent

Moms don’t quit; they just don’t quit. As a Pastor, I’ve watched and encouraged moms as they fight for their kids future well-being. As a husband, I’ve partnered with the mother of our children in the hard work of parenting five little Clarks. And as a son, I put my mom through the wringer. But moms don’t quit; they just don’t quit.

So the next time you begin to feel a little mommy guilt, ask yourself, “Am I present, am I proud, am I patient, am I providing, and am I persistent?” If you can answer yes to 3 to 5 of these at any given moment, then give yourself a break from the mommy guilt and know that you’re great.

Thanks for reading. Before you go, take a moment to comment on what made your mom the best, then share this post with others.


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