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Warrior Case Study: Rob Chandler

How Rob Chandler went from taking calls from clients at 3am to delegating operations and selling his business for 8-figures in just 18-months.
“In just eighteen months of working with Josh, I tripled the value of my company and sold it for 8-figures. Engaging with Josh Clark & Richer Life Warriors was the best decision of my life.”

Rob Chandler | Founder Cloudnine Realtime

Case Study Quick Wins:
About Rob:
Rob is the founder of Cloudnine Realtime, a virtual cloud hosting company to the accounting and legal profession. After we helped him sell Cloudnine, he founded Model Two Advisors to help small business owners delegate day-to-day operations and grow their net worth. Rob is an Elite Level Warrior and Joint Venture Partner.
What We Did:
Rob successfully built his business to high 7-figure revenues. But when the business grew beyond his team’s ability to support the growth, he was at risk of losing his clients, his net-worth, and his peace of mind.

Rob hired Josh for a two-day personal roadmap and then three-days with his executive team. After a brief time coaching the executive team, it was clear that Rob was ready for a strategic partner who could free him up from the day-to-day operations and help him reposition the company for the future.

The company was already profitable. But the stakeholders were all suffering under the staggering growth. We helped Rob build a strategic plan to restructure the company and rebuild its personnel to be able to support current and future growth.

A key part of Rob’s vision was to remove himself from the day-to-day operations so that he could focus on championing the company publicly and pioneering new product and service offerings.

In less than a year we restructured the company and rebuilt the executive team. The fresh vision and revamped leadership led to a revitalized company culture that provided world-class service to our clients.

Rob’s freedom from the day-to-day allowed him to pioneer new product offerings and re-design the client experience. 

And just 18-months after we began our engagement, Rob sold the company for 3x what it was worth when we started.

Warrior Case Study: TJ O’Donnell

How TJ Odonnell went from being at risk of burning out and losing his business to scaling multiple profitable locations.
“Josh and Richer Life Warriors have taught me to secure what I have and helped me scale my business to multiple locations. Joining this team is hands-down one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

TJ Odonnell | Owner, Bear Alignment and Brake

Case Study Quick Wins:
About TJ:
TJ life’s purpose is to “Inspire others to fix what’s broken.” This purpose is born of his struggle to overcome a difficult adolescence and is manifest in his role as a champion for his family, employees, and customers. He owns multiple automotive repair facilities in Southern California. TJ is an Elite Level Warrior and Joint Venture Partner. 
What We Did:
TJ had a profitable business when he joined Richer Life Warriors, but he struggled as a small business owner to remain healthy.

His journey as an entrepreneur was clouded with worry and it was affecting his health and his family. Subconsciously, he was still living under the pressures of a previous season of life. This pressure was sabotaging his health and the business he had worked so hard to build. 

TJ engaged Josh for the first step in every Elite Warriors journey, a two-day personal roadmap at Josh’s SoCal home. During this time, TJ experienced multiple breakthroughs, including clarity of vision and renewed purpose and focus for his future. 

We continued together coaching TJ to establish the processes necessary to delegate the day-to-day operations of his single location and scale to multiple locations.

TJ finalized the systems and processes the business needed to run without his day-to-day involvement and then empowered his team with the authority to execute them well. His original location continues to create raving fans through a team of engaged employees who believe in the mission and champion the “Bear Way”. 

Just six-months in his warrior journey, we helped TJ open his second location which has been profitable since day one. Now just 12-months from his initial roadmap, TJ has competent management in place in two locations and is actively seeking his third.

Speaking of our brotherhood, TJ says, “What I love about Richer Life Warriors is that it’s a brotherhood of high-achieving men helping each other to accomplish a better life personally, professionally, relationally, and financially. Not only is Josh a great coach with life-changing content, but those of us who have applied what he’s taught us have seen MASSIVE RESULTS!”

Way to go TJ! The best is yet to come!  

Warrior Case Study: Dave Harding

How Dave went from a lack of vision and momentum to being fully engaged and leading his business to 38% growth in just eight-short-months.
“My business has grown by 38% since joining Richer Life Warriors. I had my largest month of revenue ever December, 2019, and I’ve been in business for over 13 years.”

Dave Harding | Owner, DCA Equipment Financing

Case Study Quick Wins:
About Dave:
Dave is the owner of DCA Lease Inc, a commercial financing company that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses get the financing they need to start or scale their business. Dave is and his wife Ali have a 1 1/2  year old daughter and will welcome their second child April of 2020. Dave joined the Richer Life Warrior brotherhood in May 2019.
What We Did:
After working in the business for several years, Dave had already successfully moved from employee to partner to owner. But Dave struggled to find consistent momentum in his business and didn’t believe that he was able to make the changes that he wanted in his life or business by himself. Dave had a strong desire to grow his business so that he could eliminate debt, create margin, and create a legacy of financial freedom for his young family.

Dave joined the RLW coaching syndicate and found the tools that he needed to clarify a specific vision for his life and business. The weekly online coaching provided Dave to learn from other business leaders, both their successes and failures and has provided him with the accountability he needed to make the incremental changes necessary for sustained momentum.

Through Josh’s coaching, Dave was able to find a new perspective and break free of the limiting beliefs that had kept his business stagnant. Dave’s business has grown by 38% since starting the group just a little over one year ago. December of 2019 was Dave’s best month of sales after being in the business for 13 years.


Warrior Case Study: Adam Castro

How Adam went from being in a constant state of anxiety and low-grade frustration to being more confident at work and more present at home.
After joining RLW, I’ve been able to clarify so much in my life which has led to a closer relationship with my wife, a lot less anxiety, and one of the best years I’ve ever had at my company with sales growing by 10% on an account that hasn’t grown in years.”

Adam Castro | Group Account Director, Stephens and Associates Advertising, Inc.

Case Study Quick Wins:
About Adam:
Adam Castro is a 33-year-old husband and father of 2 boys. He is a Group Account Director at a small ad agency in Kansas City. Adam is a classic high achiever who was well respected by both his co-workers and clients and was making good money managing one of the largest accounts at his firm. But Adam’s lack of a clear vision for his life mixed with the demands of his job made it difficult for him to unplug and be present for his family. Adam had experienced some professional success but it was coming at a high cost relationally and robbed him of his energy.
What We Did:
A friend recommended Josh’s Personal Clarity System but Adam was initially skeptical as he had been reading several books to diagnose his low-grade frustration but couldn’t find them actionable. Adam quickly moved through Josh’s online content and scheduled a strategy session with Josh.

In that first phone call, Josh was able to help Adam realize that it wasn’t external but internal issues that were causing his frustration and confusion. This was encouraging to Adam but also terrifying because Adam knew that he had the power to change and could no longer blame his circumstances to explain his unhappiness. After that phone call, Adam joined the RLW coaching syndicate and a few months later, hired Josh for a two-day personal roadmap.

After joining RLW, Adam and his wife have been able to agree on a vision for their family which has eliminated a lot of frustration and anxiety. Adam is experiencing one of the best years he has ever had at his company with sales growing by 10% on an account that hadn’t had any growth in several years. Adam has also been able to be more physically and emotionally present when he is at home.

“Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed a deeper relationship with my wife and children. Joining RLW is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Warrior Case Study: Jim Torpey

How Jim went from being stuck in WTF (weary, tired, and frustrated) to finding the clarity and confidence he needed to get momentum in his personal life and his business.
My real estate business is finally headed in the right direction! I have been able to move my business outside my sphere of influence and currently have 46 leads, and twice as many transactions over the past few months. I have more deals in the pipeline then I have ever had before. I have momentum, I am focused, and I am dating while I search for my next partner.”

Jim Torpey | Co-owner of Tri-wood Reality.

Case Study Quick Wins:
About Jim:
Jim is a 54-year-old co-owner of Tri-wood Reality just outside of Tacoma Washington.
What We Did:
After 17 years in IT and sales, Jim found himself without a regular job and living off his savings while he was trying to get some momentum as a real estate agent/investor. Jim felt stuck in WTF and couldn’t really identify a solid next step for his life or his professional career.

“I was unhappy and unhealthy. I didn’t know if I should go get a real job again or try to flip and sell more houses.”

Jim came to a RLW mastermind and quickly found a brotherhood of men that he could identify with. Over the next few days, Jim began to better understand his own journey and the significant moments that had led him to this present season. With this new perspective, Jim was able to craft a clear and compelling vision for his life and decided to jump into our Roadmap To Richer coaching syndicate which provides high-achieving men with weekly online coaching and accountability.

Through Josh’s coaching and the contacts he has made within the RLW brotherhood, Jim has been able to move forward with confidence and momentum in every area of life. Jim has been able to turn the corner on his physical health and has reignited his passion to invest in his business again. This has made a huge difference in the way Jim approaches his work and over the last 3 months, he has closed $1.7 million in real estate deals.


Warrior Case Study: Bart Howell

How Bart was able to get the perspective and confidence he needed to transition from working in businesses to becoming a full-time business consultant.
I am in a new venture that is a lot of work but very enjoyable. Josh really helped me to own my story in a way that has allowed me to take my life and business to the next level.”

Bart Howell | Entrepreneur, Investor, Co Owner MVA Recovery.

Case Study Quick Wins:
About Bart:
Bart Howell is an entrepreneur, investor, and business consultant who specializes in helping companies by implementing process improvement that increases bottom line profits. Part of this process helps business owners find their future, whether that is moving out of the business or finding a way to take back their time while protecting their profit margin. Over the years, Bart has worked with several businesses to improve their processes and profitability. Bart had just recently been through a divorce and had a lot of questions about how to find himself and not continue the same habits as before.
What We Did:
Bart hired josh for a two-day custom Roadmap where he was able to get a better perspective on both his life and business. Josh pushed Bart to see himself as a business consultant and to craft a clear and compelling vision for his personal life.


This perspective helped Bart to pivot to full-time business consulting and has given him the confidence he needed to pursue potential clients and opportunities. Bart is thriving in his new relationship and has reignited his passion for his faith. He is now able to enjoy his vacations and find rest while being present with the people he loves.


Warrior Case Study: Chad Register

How Chad went from being worn out all the time, feeling like his world was caving in around him, and not knowing where to focus his time and talents, to leading his family and business into a new season of fun and fruitfulness.

I’m once again the man I want to be for my family and businesses. I’ve taken command of my negativity and am using my God-given talents to move my team and businesses forward in a positive direction. In just a few short months, I’ve seen amazing results and have already recouped more than my investment.

Chad Register | Entrepreneur, Pharmacist, Investor

Case Study Quick Wins:

About Chad:

Chad is a father of four who has been married to the love of his life for over 24 years.  He is a seasoned entrepreneur with assets including a pharmacy, trampoline parks, rental properties, and a car wash.

What We Did:

Chad went through a 1-on-1, 2-Day Warrior Roadmap process with Josh to build a step-by-step action plan for all areas of his life.  He also joined the Richer Life Warriors Men’s Brotherhood to surround himself with like-minded men who support him on his journey. 


Through Josh’s coaching Chad has been able to get back to being the man his family and businesses need. He took command of his negativity and is doing what only he can do to help move his team in a positive direction by confidently leading. He has moved forward from an unhealthy partnership to where he and his team are now moving in sync together. And in less than 90-days , he did one deal that more than paid for his entire investment. 

In His Words:

“After joining Richer Life Warriors, I realized that I’m not the only guy going through all of this. I enjoy the camaraderie of the group.  We all help each other out with our life experiences and we are able to bounce ideas off of each other. We all have certain skill sets and we are able to help each other in areas that we are weak. I did a 2-day custom roadmap with Josh and it really helped me see what my true talents are and what I need to focus on right now to move everything forward. It also showed me some of my weaknesses and taught me ways to minimize those.  After meeting with Josh, I was able to get back to being the man that I needed to be for my family and businesses. I was able to take command of my negativity and use my God-given talents to help my team move forward in a positive direction by giving leadership where I had been lacking for some time. I have already moved on of my businesses out of a very unsatisfactory position and the whole team is now moving in sync.  I was also able to seal a deal with a cell phone tower on some of my property with help from Josh’s real estate team.  That deal alone has paid for his fees. 

Warrior Case Study: Phillip Greer

How Phillip went from having a business that caused stress and consumed his personal life to being more engaged with his family and laser-focused on what was in front of him. 

I am now free to be more engaged with my family and businesses because I don’t have the burden of a business going in many directions. I found happiness in my business again.

Phillip Greer | Entrepreneur – Adrenaline Entertainment Centers

Case Study Quick Wins:

About Phillip:

Phillip found himself stressed by a business that consumed him professionally and personally. It lacked clarity, focus, and a healthy leadership culture. 

What We Did:

Phillip connected with Josh through a fellow Richer Life Warrior brother and began weekly coaching calls.  Over the next few months, Phillip began to get back time with strategic planning and avoiding distractions. He began to have clarity and focus in his business with his partners. With Josh, Phillip and his team have been able to create a plan to enable him and his team to grow their company to meet their personal, professional and financial needs. 


Phillip is more engaged with his family and businesses.  He no longer feels the burden of business going in many directions. His stress level has dropped and he has been able to be laser-focused on the important things in his life, both personally and professionally.  


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